The sustainable
steel revolution
begins in Finland

The time for a steel revolution is now

We have less than a decade to prevent the most catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis. Changes are required from the whole of society, especially from those industries with the largest emission reduction potential. It is time to address steel’s “carbon-black” production.

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Photo: Meriç Dağlı / Unsplash

Why does steel matter?

Though it might have not crossed your mind, steel can be found everywhere in our everyday lives. The global emissions of steel are massive – if steel industry was a country, its emissions would be in the top three in the world.

SSAB’s steel plant in Raahe alone is responsible for almost 9 percent of Finland’s national emissions. This makes the plant the biggest single source of carbon dioxide emissions in the country.

The emissions are caused by the immense use of coal: The steel sector is the world’s largest industrial consumer of coal.

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Steel-using companies put to the test

We evaluate the environmental and climate impacts of the biggest steel-consuming companies’ procurement in Finland. How comprehensive and effective are their climate policies actually? Should the companies toughen up their climate action?

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