Stop funding fossil fuels, Nordea demonstration

Mielenosoittajia Nordean pääkonttorin edessä
Mielenosoittajia Nordean pääkonttorin edessä kansainvälisenä Defund Climate Chaos -toimintapäivänä 29.10.21, Kuva Satu Söderholm

Since the adoption of the Paris climate agreement, Nordea has poured 12.4 billion euros into fossil fuel companies – such as the fossil company Fortum, one of Europe’s biggest emitters.

Nordea has committed to net-zero in 2050. However, distant promises are not enough and we are demanding meaningful action now. Nordea’s new climate policy is not aligned with the Paris Agreement.

We demand that Nordea:

  • Phases out existing financing for coal
  • Ends financing for all projects that expand fossil fuels
  • Commits to drop clients that don’t align with 1.5C

Join Stop funding fossil fuels, Nordea! demonstration at the company’s headquarters (Satamaradankatu 5, 00580 Helsinki) on the 29th October at 8.30-9.30 am. The demonstration is part of the international #DefundClimateChaos action day.
Before the demonstration, there will be an online briefing on Nordea’s role in the climate crisis on 26 October at 5-6 pm. You can participate even if you can’t make it to the demonstration but are interested in learning more.

The conveners of the demonstration are Hiilivapaa Suomi, Fridays For Future Finland, 350 Suomi, Friends of the Earth Finland and XR Finland.